English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 20 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Theorising multimodality through children and youths’ perceptions and experiences

Guest Editors: David E. Low, Jessica Zacher Pandya, Lisa K. Kervin

Emergent bilinguals as text designers: rendering meaning through signs

Sally Brown

The main purpose is to investigate what resources young emergent bilinguals use to communicate a multimodal response to children’s literature. In particular, attention is paid to…

Recursive readings and reckonings: kindergarteners’ multimodal transactions with a nonfiction picturebook

Courtney Shimek

Our world had always been multimodal, but studying how young children enact and embody literacy practices, especially reading, has often been overlooked. The purpose of this study…

Critique and the video production classroom: providing students the skills to navigate new media literacies

Jessie Nixon

This paper aims to demonstrate how teaching the discourse of critique, an integral part of the video production process, can be used to eliminate barriers for young people in…

Reconsidering religious gender normativity in graphic novel adaptations: a quantitative and qualitative case study

Talia Hurwich

This paper aims to illustrate how graphic novel adaptations can engage adolescents in conversations about gender and society, particularly when adaptations are weighed against…

Adolescent English language learners’ digitally mediated multimodal compositions: multimodal enactment across different genres of writing in the EFL context

Joohoon Kang

This paper aims to investigate adolescent English as a foreign language (EFL) learners’ digitally mediated multimodal compositions across different genres of writing.

Student perspectives on multimodal composing in the L2 classroom: tensions with audience, media, learning and sharing

Emily Hellmich, Jill Castek, Blaine E. Smith, Rachel Floyd, Wen Wen

Multimodal composing is often romanticized as a flexible approach suitable for all learners. There is a lack of research that critically examines students’ perspectives and the…

“Blackness is not just a single definition”: multimodal composition as an exercise for surfacing and scaffolding student theorizing in a Black Studies classroom

Esther O. Ohito

This study aims to investigate multimodal composition as an exercise or tool for teaching students theory building. To illustrate, an analysis of artifacts comprising a student’s…

Digital stories, material transformations: reflections of education students in a pre-teacher program

Christina Louise Romero-Ivanova, Paul Cook, Greta Faurote

This study centers on high school pre-teacher education students’ reviews of their peers’ digital stories. The purpose of this study is twofold: to bring digital storytelling to…

Pandemic meaning making: messing toward motet

Mary Beth Schaefer, Sandra Schamroth Abrams, Molly Kurpis, Charlotte Abrams, Madeline Abrams

In this child–parent research study, three adolescents theorize their meaning-making experiences while engaged in exclusive online learning during a three-month stay-at-home…

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