English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 20 Issue 1


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Moves that matter: dialogic writing assessment and literary reading

Sarah W. Beck, Karis Jones, Scott Storm, J. Roman Torres, Holly Smith, Meghan Bennett

This study aims to explore and provide empirical evidence for ways that teachers can simultaneously support students’ literary reading and analytic writing through dialogic…

Disrupting rules of emotion in an urban English classroom

Teresa Sosa, Allison H. Hall, Brian Collins

This study aims to focus on the regulation of emotions in critical literacy, its resulting racial oppression and students’ response to emotional control. The authors examine a…

Missing the sociopolitical: examining discourses of writing in a US high-performing, urban middle school

Nadia Behizadeh

This paper aims to examine two teachers’ beliefs and practices on teaching writing at an urban, high-performing middle school to determine: What discourses of writing are being…

The call of ambiguity: lingering over uncertainty as classroom practice

Cori Ann McKenzie, Geoff Bender

This paper encourages teachers and scholars of English Language Arts to engage deliberately with literary ambiguity.

Reenvisioning space, mobilities and public engagement with young adult literature

Caroline Hamilton-McKenna, Theresa Rogers

In an era when engagement in public spaces and places is increasingly regulated and constrained, we argue for the use of literary analytic tools to enable younger generations to…

Experimenting with game-based learning in preservice teacher education

Lindy L. Johnson, Grace MyHyun Kim

The purpose of this study is to examine the use of game-based learning for approximations of practice within a critical, project-based (CPB) clinical experience for preservice…

“Doing diversity”: a narrative examination of veteran teachers’ renewed agency through intersectional teaching

Stephanie Anne Shelton, Shelly Melchior

This paper aims to examine how two White teachers, experienced and award-winning veteran educators, navigated issues of race, class and privilege in their instruction, and ways…

Anti-racist, anti-gay: a white Evangelical English teacher’s negotiations of her faith and critical inquiry

Christopher Alan Olshefski

The purpose of this study is to examine how the religious beliefs and experiences of a white Evangelical English teacher, Amy, shaped her enactment of critical inquiry pedagogy in…

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