English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 19 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Youth studies and youth epistemologies in English teaching and teacher education

Guest Editors: Vaughn W.M. Watson, Robert Petrone

Without borders: youth debaters reimagining the nature and purpose of public dialogue

Nicole Mirra, Debate Liberation League

This paper aims to analyze how a group of middle-school debaters integrated their identities and epistemologies into the traditional literacy practice of debate to advocate for…

Listening differently: youth self-actualization through critical Hip Hop literacies

Lauren Leigh Kelly

This study aims to refocus the field of Hip Hop based education on youth identities and epistemologies rather than on the tangible artifacts of Hip Hop culture. It argues that…

Participatory action research in schools: unpacking the lived inequities of high stakes testing

Tiffany DeJaynes, Tabatha Cortes, Israt Hoque

This paper aims to examine a school-based Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) project on educational inequity and high stakes testing.

(Responding to) Youth epistemologies to create a third space: a reclamation of learning in an English language arts classroom

Keisha L. Green, Daniel Morales Morales, Chrystal George Mwangi, Genia M. Bettencourt

This paper aims to focus on the construction of a third space within a high school. Specifically, the authors consider how youth of color engage the educational context of an 11th…

“It’s not like this here”: teaching a Youth Lens in South Korea

Ryan Murfield

This paper aims to identify challenges in a first attempt at teaching the Youth Lens in a secondary English classroom in South Korea.

Variations on the death of a grandparent: an analysis of youth memoir

Jason J. Griffith, Jocelyn Amevuvor

This paper aims to argue for the curricular inclusion of youth-generated young adult literature (YAL) alongside canonical literature and adult-generated YAL. The authors support…

Connected literacies of anti-racist youth organizers

Abigail Rombalski

This article aims to share findings from a youth-informed study with interracial anti-racist youth activist groups in two urban high schools.

“Oh boy, I ain’t playin’ no games!”: making sense with youth in the aural imaginary

Emery Petchauer

This paper aims to explore how sounds and attunements to particular organizations of sound collide across an English language community learning space. The activities in the paper…

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