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Teacher agency in a multiyear professional development collaborative

Christopher J. Wagner, Marcela Ossa Parra, C. Patrick Proctor

This paper aims to report on the decisions two teachers made about how to engage with a five-year school–university collaboration that used professional development (PD) to foster…

Embodied refusals and choreographic criticalities: Seventh grade boys of color writing “Mute”

Beth Krone

This paper aims to describe the work of a group of seventh-grade boys in a middle school superhero storytelling project. In this project, the boys, one of whom identified as…

Sociocultural research on L2 reading in L1 settings: a critical review on the past 30 years

Lee Jin Choi

With an increasing emphasis on the reading development of L2 learners of English and a growing body of literature on L2 reading, it is now time to examine what the current…

The language of teacher agency in an eighth grade ELA classroom

Adam Loretto

This paper aims to apply ecological models of agency to understand factors influencing how an eighth grade English language arts (ELA) teacher enacted agency in four moments in…

Pedagogical utility of oral discussion versus collaborative drafting

Laya Heidari Darani, Nafiseh Hosseinpour

The purpose of this paper is to investigate and compare the effects of group-to-whole student-led oral discussion and small-group collaborative drafting as pre-writing tasks on…

Like a conductor: whole-class discussion in English classrooms

Todd Reynolds

After interviewing teachers about their beliefs on discussion, the author observed four English teachers as they led class discussions. The purpose of this study is to see what…

Emerging theory of teacher resilience: a situational analysis

Sally Valentino Drew, Cathy Sosnowski

This study aims to explore the construct of teacher resilience. Researchers examined the relationship among complex risk (constraining) factors leading to burnout and attrition…

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