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Developing critical literacy in science through an SFL-informed pedagogical heuristic

Zhihui Fang, Brittany Adams, Valerie T. Gresser, Cuiying Li

This paper describes and exemplifies a pedagogical heuristic for promoting critical literacy in science.

Accommodating linguistic prejudice? Examining English teachers’ language ideologies

Mike Metz

The purpose of this study is to support the integration of scientifically grounded linguistic knowledge into language teaching in English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms through…

The effect of morphological form variation on adult first language incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading

Barry Lee Reynolds

This study aims to investigate the effects of word internal morphological form variation on adult first language (L1) (n = 20) incidental vocabulary acquisition through reading.

A critical multimodal framework for reading and analyzing pedagogical materials

Shin-ying Huang

This paper aims to propose a critical multimodal framework to understanding pedagogical materials that focuses on not only the verbal or the visual components but also the…

(Un)Sanctioned: young adult literature as meaningful sponsor for writing teacher education

Brandon L. Sams, Mike P. Cook

The purpose of this paper is to examine youth literacy and writing practices in select, contemporary young adult literature (YAL), especially how and why literate activity is…

Teaching 1984 in the surveillance culture of schools

Francis Jonathan Gilbert, Margaret Pitfield

This paper focuses on the affordances of and issues surrounding the teaching of George Orwell’s novel 1984 (1949) as a set text for General Certificate of Secondary Education…

Pedagogical strategies for developing interpretive language about images: A tertiary experience

Louise Ravelli

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on pedagogical strategies which support the teaching of critical analysis of visual and multimodal texts in a tertiary-level course for…

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