English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 17 Issue 1


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Trusting the local: opening up the script with response-able talk practices

Maureen P. Boyd, Elizabeth A. Tynan, Lori Potteiger

The purpose of this paper is to deflate some of the pressure-orienting teachers toward following a curricular script.

Complicity, responsibility and authorization: A praxis of critical questioning for White literacy educators

Julia R. Daniels, Heather Hebard

Discourses of racism have always circulated within US classrooms and, in the current sociopolitical climate, they move with a renewed sense of legitimacy, entitlement and…

Making space for choice, voice and critique: critical literacy workshop in the era of Trump

Charlotte L. Land, Laura A. Taylor, Haylee Lavender, Barbara McKinnon

This paper aims to consider how students and teachers engaged in political work in their design and enactment of critical literacy workshops in one US elementary school facing…

Tensions in learning to teach English

Mandie B. Dunn, Jennifer VanDerHeide, Samantha Caughlan, Laura Northrop, Yuan Zhang, Sean Kelly

The purpose of this paper is to report findings from a study of preservice teacher (PST) beliefs about teaching English language arts (ELA).

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