English Teaching: Practice & Critique: Volume 15 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: The pre-service formation of English teachers: tensions and rewards

Guest Editors: Graham Parr, Anne Elrod Whitney

Constructing English: pre-service ELA teachers navigating an unwieldy discipline

Kati Macaluso, Cori McKenzie, Jennifer VanDerHeide, Michael Macaluso

The purpose of this paper is to describe a pedagogical innovation – a matrix construction exercise – intended to help pre-service teachers (PTs) navigate the multiple and…


Recognizing spaces of dissensus in English teacher education

Meghan E. Barnes

This study inquires into the ways that three preservice teachers enrolled in one English education program at a state namesake university in the Southeastern part of USA, oriented…

Storying the classroom: storytelling and teacher evaluation

Samuel Jaye Tanner

This essay uses the author’s experience with teacher evaluation as a point of departure to consider how narrative methods might be used to complicate contemporary trends in…

I feel like a hypocrite: a beginning teacher’s disconnect between beliefs and practice

Michelle Knotts

This study aims to examine the lived experiences of a beginning teacher to understand the constraints and possibilities she faces in moving from a critically minded preservice…

From pre-service to early-career English teacher in the UK: negotiating powerful myths

Anne Marie Turvey, Jeremy Lloyd

The purpose of this study is to investigate contemporary pre-service English teacher education in the UK and the transition, for one individual, from pre-service into early-career…

The not-reading epidemic: reflections of a mid-service English teacher

Donna Wineland

The purpose for this paper is to encourage teachers to change the way they approach teaching literature to proficient and accelerated readers or alliterates. With class time…


Looking closer at reading comprehension: Examining the use of effective practices in a literacy clinic

Evan Ortlieb, F.D. McDowell

Reading comprehension levels of elementary students have not significantly improved in the twenty-first century, and, as a result, the need for systematic and intensive reading…


Grab those teachable moments! (On teacher identities and student learning)

Hristina Keranova

This study aims to use the works of Bakhtin and theorists who further developed his ideas to show the struggle teachers go through in trying to balance different identities in the…


Discourses of “Crazy English”: reconciling the tensions between the nation-state and neoliberal agenda

M. Obaidul Hamid, Shuqin Luo

While education policymakers in Asian polities find it difficult to resist the English language which has attained a new status in “late capitalism”, prevailing policy-level…

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