Strategy & Leadership: Volume 47 Issue 5


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Thriving in the era of the “connected customer”

Brian Leavy

How can strategists and their companies learn to survive and thrive in this new “connected customer” competitive environment? This is the question that Nicholaj Siggelkow…

Six strategies that define digital winners

Karen Butner

IBM research sought to identify the characteristics and strategies of the world’s most prosperous digital companies. The goal was to learn, “What is the secret to…

Digital maturity – the new competitive goal

David Rader

The authors of “The Digital Fallacy” are interviewed by veteran strategist David Rader. They envision digital implementation as a learning journey rather than a time-boxed…

How Amazon practices the three laws of Agile management

Stephen Denning

The article offers a clear and succinct account of the Amazon approach to Agile management (though it doesn’t call it that, and offers best practices to enable others to…

The future of followership

Barbara Kellerman

As the author defines “followership” followers cannot have authority. But, they can and increasingly they do have power and influence. Social media embolden followers to…

Understanding paternalistic leadership: a guide for managers considering foreign assignments

Martin Sposato

The purpose of this article is to help employees trained in Western business practice who move to different countries for work and encounter leaders who display…

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