Strategy & Leadership: Volume 47 Issue 2


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How design thinking opens new frontiers for strategy development

Jeanne Liedtka, Saul Kaplan

This article explains how design thinking and practices can identify unexplored opportunities for strategic growth. Increasingly practitioners are learning about powerful…

Alibaba strategist Ming Zeng: “Smart business” in the era of business ecosystems

Brian Leavy

Alibaba strategist Ming Zeng explains how the company operates its “smart business” in the era of business ecosystems

Post-bureaucratic management goes global

Stephen Denning

The article reports on anti-hierarchical approaches to managing work outside the U.S. and independent of software development as evidenced in presentations at the November…

How the human-machine interchange will transform business operations

Karen Butner, Grace Ho

Machine learning is beginning to transform the way businesses organize their operations and benefit from technology investments.

Assessing General Motors’ innovation strategy over three decades using the “Three Box Solution”

Vincent Barabba

Professor Vijay Govindarajan’s “Three Box Solution” framework provides a useful way of looking at a transformative business innovation initiative started at General Motors…

The case of “Med-Global”: IT-enabled innovation and implementation by non-IT business unit leaders

U. Yeliz Eseryel

This case describes three strategies that CIOs and C-level executives can utilize to successfully involve non-IT managers to achieve IT-enabled business transformation…

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