Strategy & Leadership: Volume 44 Issue 6


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Understanding the three laws of Agile

Stephen Denning

With Agile’s success in accelerating software products and services that customers valued and with the increasing importance of software in general business strategy…

Sydney Finkelstein: what makes a “superboss” super?

Brian Leavy

Strategy and leadership guru, Sydney Finkelstein believes that “regenerating the talent pool is the single most important thing that any leader can do” to help his or her…

Beset by the digital revolution successful retailers embrace technology that enhances customer value

Amy Blitz

The authorseeks to identify what strategies are successful companies using to navigate this ever-evolving retail landscape? And what strategies and best practices can be…

How strategy execution maps guided Cisco System’s Sales Incentive Compensation plan

Sayan Chatterjee, Venkat Narayanan, William Malek

This article describes an approach to strategy execution using lessons learned from improvement efforts to the sales incentive compensation (SIC) business processes and IT…

Four steps to re-ignite Japan’s innovation leadership

Kazuaki Ikeda, Anthony Marshall, Shuma Okamura

This analysis assesses the barriers to innovation Japanese executives must contend with and outlines key strategies to help their organizations, and all companies that…

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