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Surviving the recession and thriving beyond it: Rita McGrath explains how to deliver discovery‐driven growth

Brian Leavy

In the current recession, cost cutting alone will not enable companies to survive the recession and thrive beyond it. Companies need fresh ideas on how to continue their internal


Succeeding in the new economic environment – three targets for leaders

Saul Berman, Steven Davidson, Sara Longworth, Amy Blitz

Companies are now struggling to cope with the most severe recession in more than half a century. This paper aims to study how leading companies have successfully reacted to the


Distressed M&A and corporate strategy: lessons from Marvel Entertainment Group's bankruptcy

Joseph Calandro

This paper aims to illustrate the viability of distressed mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by way of case study utilizing the modern Graham and Dodd valuation approach.


Variabilization of costs: an especially effective strategy in a recession

Nicolas Kachaner

During a recession, fixed costs can threaten a firm's survival or severely limit its options. This paper aims to show how fixed costs can be transformed into variable costs


Leadership liabilities of newly appointed managers: arrive prepared

Marius Pretorius

There are seven categories of liabilities all new managerial appointees must overcome, regardless of whether they are a new CEO or a new department manager. This paper aims to


How subsidiaries are battling to survive and grow

Pamela Sharkey Scott, Patrick T. Gibbons

This paper aims to enhance the understanding of how subsidiary CEOs can move their unit's activities up the value chain and reduce the risk of subsidiary closure and relocation of

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