Strategy & Leadership: Volume 32 Issue 4


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CEO interview: the InnoCentive model of open innovation

Robert J. Allio

Darren J. Carroll ( is President and Chief Executive Officer of InnoCentive, which connects a virtual global community of 50,000 qualified…

Match your merger integration strategy and leadership style to your merger type

Barbara Lind, John Stevens

For any manager planning the integration of two businesses after a merger/acquisition, this article provides a methodology you can use to customize your approach. To be…

Increasing the odds of successful growth: the critical prelude to moving “beyond the core”

Chris Zook

Adjacency judgments – which, if any, related businesses should your firm expand into – are among the most difficult and critical decisions senior executives face as they…

Family businesses: their virtues, vices, and strategic path

Michael K. Allio

Family businesses are a powerhouse of the US economy. Some of the largest businesses in and outside the US are family controlled. Family businesses significantly out…

Media and entertainment 2010 scenario: the open media company of the future

Saul Berman

The meta‐trends that are revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry are also rocking other industries. Many industries can learn from this IBM Consulting…

Case study: how a Weyerhaeuser unit executed a winning strategy using Desert Storm’s fast‐cycle, strategic action approach

Leland Russell, Joyce Jaffe Reynolds, Sudhir Chadalavada

This case of a Weyerhaeuser business unit’s use of the military’s methodologies provides an example for businesses that are faced with a daunting challenge to develop and…

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