Strategy & Leadership: Volume 27 Issue 3


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The fastest route to right answers refining approaches for better decision‐making through performance reporting

David A.J. Axson

The impact of technology on effective management has been profound in the past 20 years and has allowed for closer inspection and greater depth of detail in information…

Measuring success in a changing environment

Margareta Barchan

There is a major change occurring in how business performance is measured, and anyone responsible for managing operations at any level would be wise to take note. While…

Measurement is free

Holly Threat

Since it began operations 25 years ago, FedEx has excelled in both strategic and operational performance. While there are measures developed and used internally for both…

Using EVA to measure performance and assess strategy

Al Ehrbar

Of all the measures that corporations use to gauge their performance, none is more accurate or use‐ful than economic value added, or EVA. Used to its fullest, EVA can help…

Measuring returns on marketing 2000 and communications investments

Dana Hayman, Don E. Schultz

Marketing value is not an oxymoron. Most, if not all, companies determine strategies and implement them with a common end‐goal—to satisfy customers while maximizing Return…

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