Strategy & Leadership: Volume 26 Issue 2


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The evolving role of finance

Kathy L. Iversen

During the current economic recovery, companies world‐wide have been able to squeeze more profit from each dollar through cost control measures and streamlined processes…

RISK: Enterprise management

Robert Schneier, Jerry Miccolis

Risk is a loaded word, with connotations that include both the theoretical and the sinister. With share‐holders expecting companies to turn in consistently strong returns…


Setting targets to maximize shareholders value

James McTaggart, Scott Gillis

Setting performance targets and managing to achieve them is fundamental to business success. Targets provide explicit direction to the organization and motivate management…

Measures that matter: Non‐financial performance

Jonathan Low, Tony Siesfeld

Top management routinely accuses the investment community of being too “short‐term, bottom‐line‐oriented” in its assessments of share value. The difficulty of making…


Reinventing the CFO

Thomas Walther, Henry J. Johansson

Once upon a time the world of business was a lot simpler—all phones and Fords were black, all checks were green, all bathtubs were white. Demand far exceeded supply, and…

A lack of strategy can C‐O‐S‐T You

Michael F. Latimer

We have all heard how important it is to have a long‐term business strategy to guide an organization toward its stated goals. Yet, it should come as no surprise that many…

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