On the Horizon: Volume 9 Issue 4


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The Trojan Horse of Education

Daniel Greenberg

Considers the future of education in light of developments in information technology – most notably the growth of the internet – over recent years. Suggests that information…

Partnering and cultural change

Tom P. Abeles

This editorial continues the consideration of forces acting upon the university, both internally and externally. Particularly focuses on the impact of partnering. Suggests that…


The Corporatization of the Australian University

Brenda Hall‐Taylor

Calls to attention the ways in which education has been mobilized in the service of dominant economic ideology. Looks particularly at the corporatization of Australian…

The Costs of Legacy‐based Thinking: Retro‐preparing for the Industrial Age

F. David Peat

The fifth is a series of articles looking at distributed competence software and performance base learning. This type of software offers real time solutions to person in learning…

On Books and Bytes

F. David Peat

Compares the process experienced through the reading of books with that of taking information from the internet. Indicates that the interaction between the book reader and the…

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