On the Horizon: Volume 9 Issue 3


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The Manager’s Core Work in the New Economy

Peter Henschel

In present times of increasing change and uncertainty, managers need a real understanding of the way that people learn. Managers must strive to support a work environment that…

Lifelong Students for Lifelong Learning

Tom P. Abeles

This editorial continues our look at some of the forces that are acting on the university, both internally and externally. In this issue we look at the impact of lifelong…


School Administrators’ Responses To Wireless Handheld Applications

Arthur Harkins, George Kubik

This article is the fourth in a series examining the projected impacts of new technology and software on K‐12 education. The data was collected from 166 school administrators…

The Limits to Competition for Italy’s Universities

Francesca Farabollini, Maurizio Franzini

In this issue A Voice from Pari comes from two participants at “The Future of the Academy” conference held in Pari in September 2001. Italian universities are in the midst of…

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