On the Horizon: Volume 8 Issue 6


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The Revolution In Education: Diversity, Flexibility, Effectiveness and Responsiveness

Dan Blatt

Discusses the growth and development of US higher education institutions. Comments on how technology has enabled this growth but also stresses that there will always be a need for…

Caught in the Rapids of Change

Tom P. Abeles

Looks at the impact the internet has had on education and learning. Notes that knowledge has become ubiquitous with the rise of the internet and that lifelong learning has become…

Environmental Education and Service‐Learning

Patti H. Clayton

Discusses the concept of service‐learning in relation to environmental education. Observes the similarities between the two concepts. Defines the service‐learning experience…

The Future of Distributed Competence: Constructing a Post‐Education Paradigm

Arthur M. Harkins, George H. Kubik

Introduces the notion of Distributed Competence and Performance Base Learning. Notes that cannot always learn for the future and asserts that DC ensures that people learn for the…

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