On the Horizon: Volume 8 Issue 3


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New Ventures for Colleges and Universities

Tom Kennedy

Anyone who has been a member of academia for any considerable length of time will resonate with de Bono and Machiavelli. Our universities do not usualloy befriend change and…

Can Politicians “Fix” Education?

James J.F. Forest

A discussion of the key differences between the Republican and the Democrat parties’ views on education at the time of Bush and Gore’s battle for the presidency. The paper bemoans…

The Great Transition: A Great Opportunity for US Higher Education

Mike Rao

A discussion of US higher education at the time of the transition from an industrial to a knowledge‐based economy. This is the time when people need to be educated to cope with…


Tutorial Learning With Computers

Alfred Bork

A discussion of the possibilities and benefits of e‐learning: anywhere, anytime, tailored to the individual, can be very cheap. Concentrates especially on tutorial learning which…


Promethean Education

Mary E.S. Morris

A knowledge economy demands the ability to adapt snippets of knowledge to different situations – critical thought in another form.


Let’s Get Real About the Future

George Keller

The paper argues with those US iconoclasts who would destroy all educational institutions and start again. Much of what is there is redeemable – in any case much of what they are…


Learning with Technologies: A Virtual and Spiritual Paradox

Alan Altany

How one individual delivers learning in world religions via internet discussion groups and other e‐enabled technologies.

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