On the Horizon: Volume 8 Issue 1


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An End to Student Segregation: No More Separation Between Distance Learning and Regular Courses

Murray Turoff

A discussion on the need for integration of distance learning into regular courses to ensure quality of education for all. Face‐to‐face students and distance learners should exist…

Linking the Community and the University

Frances M. Lynn

Discusses research and service collaborations between universities and community‐based organizations. Examines factors that promote effective university‐community research and…

Student Outcomes and State Policy in Public Higher Education

Michael N. Bastedo

Looks at the relationship between funding and accountability in US higher education. Discusses the shift in emphasis from financial accountability to holding institutions…


In Memoriam: Laurence R. Marcus, 1947‐1999

Ted White

An obituary for Laurence Marcus, On the Horizon political editor and author, 1996‐2000.


To Get to the Future, You Have to Start in the Present

Jonathan Fife

Discusses William G. Spady’s article on the need to educate students for the Information Age, and contrasts this with James L. Morrison’s account of his personal experiences in…

A Comment on the Interview with UNC President Molly Broad

William W. Van Alstyne

A commentary on a previous interview with the University of North Carolina President, Molly Broad. Discusses the issue of academic freedom under the First Amendment, and the…

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