On the Horizon: Volume 31 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Future of Universities: View from the Top

Guest Editors: David Atkinson

Rethinking the university: a case study

Alan R. Davis, Rajiv Jhangiani, Diane Purvey

This study aims to describe and illuminate the ways in which Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) – an urban, undergraduate institution with a strong focus on teaching, learning…

Wearing leadership bi-focals in the post-pandemic university

Devorah Lieberman

This paper aims to provide insight for higher education leaders about how to navigate the immediate needs and long-term needs of an institution. COVID-19 disrupted higher…


Moral courage: restoring well-being, community, and capacity within the post-pandemic university

Melanie Jeanne Humphreys

This paper aims to spark dialogue regarding what it takes to lead well as a university leader post-pandemic. While much has been written about the future challenges facing…


Tumultuous waters and turbulent times: JEDI, humanities, and intellectual leadership in American higher education

Nicolette DeVille Christensen

This study aims to raise the issue of the president as the intellectual leader of the university in that they are the voice of the importance of the Humanities, both in inclusion…


Higher education based on cooperation and interdisciplinarity has a key role in a global sustainable development

Pam Fredman

To highlight that, for higher education (HE) to fulfil its role and provide societies with the required knowledge and competencies that will enable a sustainable future, through…


Conflicting logics of the postpandemic university

Gerald Reisinger, Martina Gaisch

The purpose of this paper is to present a conceptual frame for scholars who draws on the conflicting logics of the postpandemic university.


The signal lost in the noise

John Corlett

The case studies were examined in the context of a lack of confidence in what constitutes truth and knowledge.


What should the university of the future look like?

Ricardo Mairal

In this paper, the author has tried to outline the main ideas in connection with what the author conceives to be the university of the future, a university that should not only…


General education requirements, the liberal arts and government intervention in higher education: a case from Jordan

Salam Al-Mahadin

Heavily regulated higher education institutions may not be able to possess the autonomy to produce students who are both college and career ready. This paper aims to explore the…

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