On the Horizon: Volume 26 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Changed Paradigm of Business Progress

Guest Editors: Joan Marques

The changed paradigm of business progress: a moral step forward for humanity

Joan Marques

Through an overview of the perceptional evolution of progress over the past two centuries, this paper aims to review a changed, yet constructive paradigm that has emerged in…

Educating future corporate managers for a sustainable world: recommendations for a paradigm shift in business education

Mine Üçok Hughes, Shikha Upadhyaya, Rika Houston

This paper aims to argue for a need for a paradigm shift in business education that would move the focus of curriculum away from profit maximization at all costs to incorporation…

Employee engagement, positive organizational culture and individual adaptability

Jane D. Parent, Kathi J. Lovelace

The purpose of this paper is to explore the connections between employee engagement, positive organizational psychology and an individual’s ability to adapt to ongoing…


Soft skills: toward a sanctimonious discipline

M.S. Rao

The purpose of this paper is to achieve sanctimonious status to the soft skills discipline. It explores soft skills in global organizations and educational institutions.


The prosocial leadership development process as a means to prepare the next generation of organizational leaders

Timothy Ewest

This paper aims to outline the prosocial leadership development process for guiding pedagogical and social justice course goals as a means to foster prosocial leadership values…

Reweaving the rainbow: qualitative color in business education

David Starr-Glass

This study aims to reflect on the dominance of a narrowly focused analytical approach within business schools, which provides an artificially fractured and disjointed…

Leading toward new horizons with soft skills

Nida’a K. AbuJbara, Jody A. Worley

This paper aims to highlight the importance of soft skills for leadership and offers recommendations for soft skill development training for the next generation of leaders.


Interactive co-teaching strategies: developing effective partnerships

Carolyn Casale, Stephanie Thomas

The purpose of this study is to understand how to develop closer partnership ties among university education faculty and local high school teachers. This study consisted of a…


Quality assessment framework for educational institutions in technical education: a literature survey

Raj Kumar Mittal, Namita Garg, Sunil Kumar Yadav

This study aims to identify the key indicators for quality enhancement in an educational institute which affect student’s outcome in terms of employability and entrepreneurship…

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