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The challenge of personalized education on the institution of higher education

Tom P. Abeles

This paper aims to look at the potential impact of personalized or competency-based learning on educational institutions at the structural level and in the knowledge acquisition…


The social scholar: re-interpreting scholarship in the shifting university

Christine Greenhow, Benjamin Gleason

This paper aims to provide a re-envisioning of traditional conceptualizations of scholarship informed by knowledge assets theory, trends shaping the modern university and…

Faculty engagement in higher education: prospects and areas of research

Khushboo Raina, Puja Khatri

The purpose of this paper is to explore the available literature on engagement of faculty members teaching in higher education institutions and present forth a strong foundation…


Incorporating practical application in graduate introductory public health courses

Jacey A. Greece, Joanne G. Patterson, Sarah A. Kensky, Kate Festa

The purpose of this paper is to examine the utility of a redesigned course assessment in a required, introductory Master of Public Health (MPH) course to demonstrate competency…

Preparing for the future of higher education

Tashfeen Ahmad

This paper aims to assist lecturers, universities and their administrators in preparing for the evolving future of higher education. Disruptive innovations in higher education…


Beyond storing old stuff: analysing the socio-economic value of museums

Takalani Eric Mudzanani

– This paper aims to analyse the socio-economic role of museums.


The question is which is to be master – that’s all

Tom P. Abeles

The author, Geoff Colvin, argues that education, particularly in the STEM area, has given the USA a global economic edge and that this technology now has given rise to an…


The Montalbano effect: re-branding Sicily as a tourist destination?

Douglas Mark Ponton, Vincenzo Asero

The purpose of this study is to focus on movie tourism, specifically on the “Montalbano effect”, which has seen increments in tourist visits to Sicilian sites featuring in the…

Non-linguistic, semiotic and glocal communication: 35 beer labeling cases

Elena Nichele

– This paper aims to explore the country-of-origin effect, specifically its potential impact on beer labeling, from a linguistic perspective.


“Why am I to blame when the law is on my side?” A study of crises, public opinion and frames

Lise-Lotte Holmgreen

– The purpose of this paper is to discuss why social media frames may exert substantial influence on the image of organisations and even trigger organisational crises.

Walmart and its employee relations: organizational stance-taking and legitimacy

Zeynep Cihan Koca-Helvaci

The purpose of this paper is to analyse how appraisal resources and legitimation strategies, concerning “associates” and “suppliers” in Walmart’s Corporate Social Responsibility…

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