On the Horizon: Volume 22 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Liberal education in crisis? Functions, forms, and foils

Liberal education may be dead but the magic will not die!

Marcus Bussey

The purpose of this paper is to challenge the assumption that liberal education as we understand it today, is alive and well in our institutions of higher education.


Contemporary liberal education: slowing down to discern

Victor R. Delclos, Randall P. Donaldson

This essay seeks to argue that contemporary liberal arts education can be viewed from the perspective of contemporary psychological understandings of human cognition combined with


Why is liberal education so incoherent? An anthropological perspective

Robert Bates Graber

This paper's purpose is to account for liberal education's characteristic incoherence.


Liberal arts in a new era

Wayne B. Jennings

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effectiveness and outcomes of liberal arts in preparing people for adult roles.


The meaning of liberal education

Robert A. Scott

The purpose of this essay is to comment on the philosophy of liberal education and its structure; the goal of general education and how it fulfills the goals of liberal education;


How can our human world exist and best flourish embedded in the physical universe? An outline of a problem-based liberal-studies course

Nicholas Maxwell

In this paper the author aims to sketch a liberal-studies course designed to explore our fundamental problem of thought and life: How can our human world exist and best flourish


Integration and the liberal arts: a historical overview

Leon Conrad

The traditional liberal-arts curriculum of the word-based Trivium (grammar, dialectic/logic, rhetoric) and the number-based Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music) has


The reaction against conventional knowledge in higher education

Gordon L. Anderson

Liberal education should consist of a healthy dynamic of mastering and transcending received traditions. This paper aims to discuss this point.


Is there a case for a “liberal education”?

Tom P. Abeles

Since the creation of the trivium and quadrivium as the core for a post- secondary education, education itself has undergone substantive change, particularly since the end of the


The reflective practitioner: the role of a public liberal-arts university in saving liberal education

Troy D. Paino

This paper seeks to discuss the role of a public liberal-arts university in education.


Men grow old

Stephen Pollard

This sermon argues that artistry and understanding are the offspring of whole people: thoughtful, resolute, and passionate. It then considers some illiberal fashions in higher

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