On the Horizon: Volume 20 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Beyond market‐fundamentalist economics: an agenda for heterodox economics to change the dominant narrative

Guest Editors: TaeHee Jo, Lynne Chester, Mary C. King

Beyond market‐fundamentalist economics: an agenda for heterodox economics to change the dominant narrative

Tae‐Hee Jo, Lynne Chester, Mary C. King

The purpose of this article is to introduce heterodox economics as a viable alternative to market‐fundamentalist economics and to outline the articles of the special issue.


Why did mainstream economics miss the crisis? The role of epistemological and methodological blinkers

John Cameron, Karin Astrid Siegmann

In this paper the aim is to show how the translation of a logical positivist epistemology into neoclassical economics has had profound methodological consequences which


Rethinking public ownership and participation

Andrew Cumbers, Robert McMaster

This paper seeks to challenge the simplistic formulation of public ownership in terms of centralized planning and state bureaucracy. Instead, drawing on the works of Dewey and


What do undergraduates study in heterodox economics programs? An examination of the curricula structure at 36 self‐identified programs

Reynold F. Nesiba

This paper aims to review the undergraduate curricular structure of 36 self‐identified heterodox economic programs in the USA, Australia, UK and Canada.


Teaching popular economics to less‐educated adults: principles and examples for teaching heterodox and critical economics

Marlene Kim

This paper aims to describe how to teach economics to adult learners, many of whom are women, immigrants and do not hold college degrees, but who feel the effects of mainstream


Using student‐written diaries to teach feminist economics

Genna R. Miller

The purpose of this paper is to explain how student‐written diaries and journals serve as a specifically feminist pedagogy for teaching feminist economics, thereby challenging the


Heterodoxy in the classroom: the case of community economic development

Rene P. Rosenbaum

The article seeks to identify and examine HPE concepts and ideas that help teach community economic development to college students.


Heterodox economics bypassing market fundamentalism using SIFE

Ingrid Schraner, Edward Mariyani‐Squire

This paper aims to present the implications of discussing the economic concepts relevant to student projects within the international program Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE


Economics as a polymorphic discursive construct: heterodoxy and pluralism

Marc Pilkington

What do economists talk about? This seemingly innocent interrogation conceals a broader and innovative research programme, with the potential to renew the reflection on heterodox


A History of Heterodox Economics

Marilyn Power

The aim of this paper is to review Fred Lee's book A History of Heterodox Economics.

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