On the Horizon: Volume 18 Issue 2


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Do colleges of education need a 10‐year/100,000‐mile warranty?

Tom P. Abeles

This paper seeks to dentify the problems of K‐12 teachers as resting in large part on the failure of the post‐secondary institutions responsible for teacher education to


Sleeping giant: Chinese teacher education system. Past, present and future (II)

Hongzhuan Song

The purpose of this paper is to explore how well Chinese teacher education positions itself in preparing qualified teachers for its vast K‐12 education system, especially in the

Why You Tube matters. Why it is so important, why we should all be using it, and why blocking it blocks our kids' education

Marc Prensky

The purpose of this paper is to highlight current changes in the way people communicate, and the role of You Tube in leading these changes


Internationalization: the nexus of virtual worlds and reality

Kate Roth

This paper aims to describe the characteristics of virtual environments (VEs) that reinforce internationalization and to explore further implications for their utilization


“Ethical” cheating in formal education

Arthur M. Harkins, George H. Kubik

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the importance of modern and forward‐looking educational practices that encourage learner development of open sourcing and collaboration

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