On the Horizon: Volume 13 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Second generation elearning Part 2: serious media

Guest Editors: Drew Davidson

Institutional change in “The Academy”

Tom P. Abeles

This essay aims to present role of education and its response to institutional change.


Games by degrees: playing with programs

Drew Davidson

Seeks to explores the idea of career‐focused, vocational higher education and give an overview of the current offerings of degrees, programs and majors that focus on games


Educating the fighter: buttonmashing, seeing, being

Kurt D. Squire

A growing number of educators are turning to games for a model of next‐generation learning environments. To date, there has been a lack of critical inquiry into what kind of

Messages and mediums: learning to teach with videogames

David Thomas

Proposes to argue that current assumptions about media effects in videogames fail to take into account the variety of messages and potential effects embedded in games.


Cheating can be good for you: educational games and multiple play styles

Mia Consalvo

Aims to determine how multiple play styles and use of “outside” materials can be successfully taken into account when designing user experiences in educational digital games.


Procedural literacy: educating the new media practitioner

Michael Mateas

Seeks to argue that procedural literacy, of which programming is a part, is critically important for new media scholars and practitioners and that its opposite, procedural


Weblogs: learning in public

Jill Walker

Seeks to exemplify and discuss how students’ use of weblogs can prepare them for a networked world where writing has consequences outside grades.


Videogames and the future of education

Ian Bogost

Proposes to look at how many designers and researchers have become interested in how videogames can serve as forms of cultural expression beyond entertainment alone.


Diving into Peter Plantec's brave new world of virtual humans

William W. Crosbie

To review Peter Plantec's book Virtual Humans: A Build it Yourself Kit.

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