On the Horizon: Volume 11 Issue 4


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The myth of the crisis in academic publishing

Tom P. Abeles

The high cost of academic journals has led researchers to seek alternative venues for both publishing and accessing scholarly research. The Internet will provide an appropriate…


Accreditation, competence and digital portfolio assessment

Deborah M. Hill, Geoff Irvine

Accreditation encourages the examination of programs as to whether they make sense as a whole and if students are well prepared for the world of work. Current accreditation is…


Strategic planning and information use: the role of institutional leadership in the community college

Lisa A. Petrides

Community college presidents face a daunting challenge in trying to manage and guide an organization that is, by its nature, decentralized and bureaucratic in its decision‐making…


Universities and public deliberation: bringing expertise to the people

Patrick W. Hamlett

This article makes two points: first, that greater public deliberation is needed to enhance the democratic steering of technological change and, second, that universities are…


The coming conflict between science and spirit

William E. Halal

This review of a fine book on recent advances in neuroscience shows that the field has successfully demonstrated the use of game theory and probability to model animal behavior…

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