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US higher education in transition

James L. Morrison

American higher education is undergoing substantial change in terms of the way colleges and universities are organized and function. This change is being driven by the combined…


A new knowledge of reality

Janet C. Moore

Preparing for the Revolution: Information Technology and the Future of the Research University is a report released in October 2002, produced by the US National Academies…


New educational technologies: do they improve learning?

Carolyn Dowling

Is the incorporation of new educational technologies into the teaching/learning process the key to an effective and appropriate education in the twenty‐first century, or is it a…


In their dreams: Paradigm alternatives and the marketing of responsive educational services

Arthur Harkins

This article identifies three education service paradigms and explores how each contributes to applied learning. Scenarios constructed by over 700 US teachers are summarized and…


Disastrous consequences of scientific and technological illiteracy

Joseph F. Coates

The essayist contends that American academia is rife with a "dog‐eat‐dog" version of Social Darwinism, or survival of the fittest through brutal competition. Offered as evidence…


E‐commerce forecasts: a return of the dot.com boom?

William E. Halal

A forecast of 20 e‐commerce applications shows that the Internet is likely to mature into a more sophisticated, conversational form of communication in about 2010, thereby…


e‐Nough! “e‐Learning” is a misnomer – it’s mostly just “e‐Teaching.” For any teaching to reliably and consistently produce the results we want, we still have a lot to learn about learning

Marc Prensky

The author suggests we know a lot less about learning than we normally admit – in fact there is no generally accepted definition of what it is. He suggests that this is a big…

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