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Security aspects of an enterprise‐wide network architecture

Robert Loew, Ingo Stengel, Udo Bleimann, Aidan McDonald

Two main areas of activity can be identified in the field of network security: the local area network and the common point between networks. Presents an overview of two projects…


Architectures for secure portable executable content

Stefanos Gritzalis, George Aggelis, Diomidis Spinellis

The Java programming language supports the concept of downloadable executable content; a key technology in a wide range of emerging applications including collaborative systems…


Strategies for content migration on the World Wide Web

M.P. Evans, A.D. Phippen, G. Mueller, S.M. Furnell, P.W. Sanders, P.L. Reynolds

The World Wide Web has experienced explosive growth as a content delivery mechanism, delivering hypertext files and static media content in a standardised way. However, this…


Distriblets: Java‐based distributed computing on the Web

David Finkel, Craig E. Wills, Brian Brennan, Chris Brennan

Describes a system for using the World Wide Web to distribute computational tasks to multiple hosts on the Web. A programmer with a computation to distribute registers it with a…


Managing large WWW sites

Vassilis Prevelakis

The trend towards ever‐larger WWW sites with hundreds of thousands of pages maintained by teams of developers has made apparent the need for tools to manage such large‐scale…

Multimedia applications in heterogeneous Internet/ATM environments

Lars C. Wolf

New application types such as distributed multimedia applications have to provide a certain quality of service (QoS) to the users. Since they handle time‐critical information such…


Mobile access to the Internet: a mediator‐based solution

Timo Alanko, Markku Kojo, Mika Liljeberg, Kimmo Raatikainen

Nomadicity is a new challenge for computing and communication technologies. Modern cellular telephone systems extend the usability of portable personal computers enormously. A…


Mechanisms of component‐oriented software development

Holger D. Hofmann, Volker Muench, Jeanne Stynes

Componentware is a new paradigm in software development that is based on the concept of a software component. Software components are self‐contained, immutable units of software…

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