Internet Research: Volume 31 Issue 6


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Bright Side and the Dark Side of Digital Health

Guest Editors: Zhijun Yan, Roberta Bernardi, Nina Huang, Younghoon Chang

Balancing online pharmacy services for patient adherence: a stimulus-organism-response perspective

Hongze Yang, Zeyu Peng, Xitong Guo, Kee-Hung Lai

The purpose of this study is to identify patient experience unique to online pharmacy services (OPS) based on the characteristics of OPS (i.e. interactivity and virtuality) and to…

Factors influencing health anxiety: the stimulus–organism–response model perspective

Xuejie Yang, Dongxiao Gu, Jiao Wu, Changyong Liang, Yiming Ma, Jingjing Li

With the popularity of the internet, access to health-related information has become more convenient. However, the easy acquisition of e-health information could lead to…


Influencing factors and mechanism of doctor consultation volume on online medical consultation platforms based on physician review analysis

Yan Wan, Ziqing Peng, Yalu Wang, Yifan Zhang, Jinping Gao, Baojun Ma

This paper aims to reveal the factors patients consider when choosing a doctor for consultation on an online medical consultation (OMC) platform and how these factors influence…


Physician ranking optimization based on patients' browse behaviors and resource capacities

Xin Pan, Hanqi Wen, Ziwei Wang, Jie Song, Xing Lin Feng

Digital healthcare has become one of the most important Internet applications in the recent years, and digital platforms have been acting as interfaces between the patients and…

Pricing and coordination of vaccine supply chain based on blockchain technology

Ruihuan Liu, Chunqiao Tan, Chengwei Zhao

Vaccine safety is a major issue in the world. Blockchain technology is the right solution to this worldwide problem. The impact of introducing blockchain technology on the…

Short video apps as a health information source: an investigation of affordances, user experience and users’ intention to continue the use of TikTok

Shijie Song, Yuxiang Chris Zhao, Xinlin Yao, Zhichao Ba, Qinghua Zhu

Although leveraging social media to access healthcare information is nothing new, a boom in short video apps offers new potential for disseminating health-related information…


The spillover effects of different monetary incentive levels on health experts' free knowledge contribution behavior

Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Jiarui Yan

Understanding health experts' online free knowledge contribution behavior is vital for promoting health knowledge and improving health literacy. This study focuses on the…

Unraveling the links between active and passive social media usage and seniors' loneliness: a field study in aging care communities

Shufang Yang, Lin Huang, Yanli Zhang, Pengzhu Zhang, Yuxiang Chris Zhao

The literature reports inconsistent findings about the effects of social media usage (SMU). Researchers distinguish between active and passive social media usage (ASMU and PSMU)…


User recommendation in online health communities using adapted matrix factorization

Hangzhou Yang, Huiying Gao

Online health communities (OHCs) are platforms that help health consumers to communicate with each other and obtain social support for better healthcare outcomes. However, it is…

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