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Table Of Contents: Volume 22 Issue 4

System design effects on online impulse buying

Kathy Ning Shen, Mohamed Khalifa

Integrating the two‐system (reflective vs. impulsive) model and the “stimulus‐organism‐response” framework, the purpose of this paper is to construct and empirically test…

Internet advertising adoption: a structural equation model for Iranian SMEs

Payam Hanafizadeh, Mehdi Behboudi, Fahimeh Ahadi, Fatemeh Ghaderi Varkani

The purpose of this paper is to provide some insights regarding the adoption of internet advertising by Iranian small and medium‐sized enterprises. The recent negative…

The functional and usable appeal of Facebook SNS games

Kuo‐Hsiang Chen, Kai‐Shuan Shen, Min‐Yuan Ma

The purpose of this study is to explore the appeal of social networking services (SNS) games from the perspectives of game usability and the functionality that is…

Determinants of information retweeting in microblogging

Zhiming Liu, Lu Liu, Hong Li

The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual model to investigate the determinants of information retweeting in microblogging based on Heuristic‐Systematic Model.

Service fairness and customer satisfaction in internet banking

Yu‐Qian Zhu, Houn‐Gee Chen

The purpose of this paper is to explore and empirically test fairness in predicting online customer satisfaction in the internet banking context. The paper also aims to…

How wise are online procrastinators? A scale development

Anissa Negra, Mohamed Nabil Mzoughi

Online purchases might be delayed. In some cases, this postponement could be a privileged, an adequate, or an efficient strategy. Online consumer procrastination is the…



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