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Public Libraries and National Electronic Networks: The Time to Act Is Now!

Laura J. Isenstein

Public libraries must embrace the new electronic network technologies as they strive to meet the needs of their communities. As the borders of cities, states, and nations blur as…

Social Scientists at Work on Electronic Research Networks

Alice Robbin

The purpose of this article is to contribute to our stock of knowledge about who uses networks, how they are used, and what contribution the networks make to advancing the…

Information Technology and Aerospace Knowledge Diffusion: Exploring the Intermediary‐End User Interface in a Policy Framework

Thomas E. Pinelli, Rebecca O. Barclay, Ann P. Bishop, John M. Kennedy

Federal attempts to stimulate technological innovation have been unsuccessful because of the application of an inappropriate policy framework that lacks conceptual and empirical…

GPO's Vision for Access to Government Information in the Electronic Age

Wayne P. Kelley

The United Stales Government Printing Office (GPO) intends to transform itself from an ink on paper printer to a multimedia disseminator of government information products and…

Data Networking for the European Academic and Research Community: Is It Important?

David O. Williams, Brian E. Carpenter

Spectacular developments in computer network technology and applications are imminent, but European research and industry are unprepared for them. The gigabit testbeds and the…

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