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The effectiveness of online customer relations tools: Comparing the perspectives of organizations and customers

Lior Fink, Aviv Zeevi, Dov Te'eni

The purpose of this paper is to examine the differences in how customers and organizations perceive online customer relations (OCR) tools – the online communication tools at the…


The impact of electronic word‐of‐mouth: The adoption of online opinions in online customer communities

Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, Neil Rabjohn

Web‐based technologies have created numerous opportunities for electronic word‐of‐mouth (eWOM) communication. This phenomenon impacts online retailers as this easily accessible…


Differences between potential, new and experienced e‐customers: Analysis of e‐purchasing behaviour

Blanca Hernández‐Ortega, Julio Jiménez‐Martínez, M. José Martín‐DeHoyos

The purpose of the paper is to analyse the evolution of e‐customer purchasing behaviour. Certain perceptions of electronic commerce (EC) may differ according to the purchasing…


Predicting online channel use for an online and print magazine: a case study

Paweena Srisuwan, Stuart J. Barnes

The purpose of this paper is to develop and empirically test a conceptual model to predict the determinants of online channel use in a multi‐channel environment.


Towards an understanding of the behavioral intention to use online news services: An exploratory study

Yen‐Hao Howard Chen, David Corkindale

Research into the use/adoption of online news services (ONSs) is still in its infancy, Scholars have indicated that there is no comprehensive theoretical framework for…


Customer satisfaction factors of mobile commerce in Korea

Jeewon Choi, Hyeonjoo Seol, Sungjoo Lee, Hyunmyung Cho, Yongtae Park

The purpose of the paper is to distinguish features of m‐commerce from those of e‐commerce and identify factors to influence customer satisfaction (m‐satisfaction) and loyalty…


Connecting P2P to the web: Lessons from a prototype Gnutella‐WWW gateway

Brian D. Davison, Wei Zhang, Baoning Wu

The purpose of this paper is to describe a means to improve the accessibility of files across different delivery platforms, making it possible to use a single search modality. The…

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