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Measuring the impact of data mining on churn management

Miguel A.P.M. Lejeune

Churn management is a fundamental concern for businesses and the emergence of the digital economy has made the problem even more acute. Companies’ initiatives to handle churn and…


The impact of interface usability on trust in Web retailers

Marie Christine Roy, Olivier Dewit, Benoit A. Aubert

Web retailing is expected to grow at aggressive rates in future years, but lack of trust on the part of potential customers can impede this growth. So, as transactions through the…


“Blanket” approaches to promoting ICT in small firms: some lessons from the DTI ladder adoption model in the UK

Lynn M. Martin, Harry Matlay

The current push for small firms to be “wired up to the digital marketplace” is evidenced by the number of initiatives targeting small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) to…


Determinants of Web site implementation in small businesses

Louis Raymond

Founded on IT diffusion and assimilation theory, a survey study of 54 Canadian travel agencies has allowed us to identify various factors determining the assimilation of…


Electronic signatures: they’re legal, now what?

Martha A. Broderick, Virginia R. Gibson, Peter Tarasewich

In the USA, electronic signatures recently became as legally binding as printed signatures. But the legislation that made electronic signatures legal did nothing to specify how…


An overview and analysis of mobile Internet protocols in cellular environments

Han‐Chieh Chao

Notes that cellular is the inevitable future architecture for the personal communication service system (PCS). This is important for wireless mobile communications and will…


Knowledge for Web site development

Mark J. Taylor, David England, David Gresty

Web site development work is a growing aspect of the IT activities within many organisations. However, the skills and knowledge required by IT practitioners for successful Web…

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