OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives: Volume 21 Issue 4


Library and Information Science

Table of contents - Special Issue: Digital Library Usability Studies

The future of the Anglo‐American cataloguing rules

Norm Medeiros

Discusses the goals of RDA: resource description and access.

Digital image library development in academic environment: designing and testing usability

Claudia Roda, Ann Murphy Borel, Eugeni Gentchev, Julie Thomas

By reporting the experience gained in the development of a digital image library in the academic environment, this paper aims at providing perspective developers with…

Sustainable design for multiple audiences: The usability study and iterative redesign of the Documenting the American South digital library

Lisa R. Norberg, Kim Vassiliadis, Jean Ferguson, Natasha Smith

To demonstrate the value in conducting a usability study and following an iterative design process to create a more user‐centered and sustainable digital library.

Designing effective tasks for digital library user tests: lessons learned

Mark Notess, Inna Kouper, Maggie B. Swan

To describe lessons learned about the process of designing effective tasks for digital library user tests.

Usability of digital libraries: A study based on the areas of information science and human‐computer‐interaction

Sueli Mara Ferreira, Denise Nunes Pithan

The conception, planning and implementation of digital libraries, in any area of knowledge, demand innumerable studies in order to verify and guarantee their adequacy to…

The flight plan of a digital initiatives project, part 2: Usability testing in the context of user‐centered design

Holley Long, Kathryn Lage, Christopher Cronin

To provide the results of research to evaluate the usability of a University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries digital initiatives project that provides online access to…

IUPUI image collection: a usability survey

Elsa F. Kramer

To measure functionality, content, and awareness of an online digital image collection by observing participants in a controlled search for a specific image and evaluating…



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