OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives: Volume 19 Issue 4


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XML and e‐journals

Judith Wusteman

The use of XML in the lifecycle of e‐journals has recently emerged as a hot topic in the library world. This burst of interest is largely due to proposals to use XML in…

You’re invited: XML’s fifth birthday celebration

Norm Medeiros

This article looks at XML’s first five years of existence. It reviews the original motivation for creating XML, and some of the applications this standard has made…

Deciding what to save

Randall C. Jimerson

Archival appraisal is the process of determining which manuscripts and archives acquired by a repository are worthy of long‐term preservation. The abundance of modern…

The European Open Archives Forum

Dennis Nicholson

Overview of the EC‐funded Open Archives Forum (www.oaforum.org) which supports the dissemination of information about European open‐archives initiatives. This article…

Article metadata standards: an historical review

Francis Cave

It has been 20 years since the first commercial application of SGML was launched by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) for its Electronic Manuscript Project…

XML in serial publishing: past, present and future

Alex Brown

Journal production was one of the first commercial arenas in which markup technologies took hold, and today most major (and many minor) journal publishers have journal…

XML for e‐journal archiving

Stephen L. Abrams, Bruce Rosenblum

e‐journals have many advantages over print, including enhanced media types, actionable reference links, and sophisticated searching capabilities. However, for many…

XML for scientific publishing

Peter Murray‐Rust, Henry S. Rzepa

This article addresses the opportunities that XML can offer to the publishing scientist and explores why there has been such a relatively slow take‐up. XML can…



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