Journal of Product & Brand Management: Volume 27 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Arts & Branding: Collaboration, Co-Creation and Inspiration of Brands by Arts

Guest Editors: Carsten Baumgarth

Brand management and the world of the arts: collaboration, co-operation, co-creation, and inspiration

Carsten Baumgarth

This paper aims to present historical examples of collaborations between brand strategists and artists; provide an extensive, structured overview of existing published research on…


Personal branding of artists and art-designers: necessity or desire?

Wioleta Kucharska, Piotr Mikołajczak

Personal branding becomes a new in-demand skill for all professionals today. To be well-known helps to achieve success in the networked business environment. Personal…


Visual art in advertising: new insights on the role of consumers’ art interest and its interplay with the hedonic value of the advertised product

Verena Hüttl-Maack

This paper aims to build on research on the art infusion effect (Hagtvedt and Patrick, 2008a). It investigates the effect of using fine art in advertising and addresses additional…


When art meets mall: impact on shopper responses

Ana Vukadin, Apiradee Wongkitrungrueng, Nuttapol Assarut

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of artistic elements in a shopping mall’s experiential marketing strategy and the effects of artistic elements on customer…


Art as strategic branding tool for luxury fashion brands

Julia-Sophie Jelinek

This study aims to understand the lasting relationship between luxury fashion and art. The purpose of the paper is to explore whether the application of art, the cooperation with…


Artist-brand alliances to target new consumers: can visual artists recruit new consumers to a brand?

Pielah Kim, Hua Chang, Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Leslie Stoel

Increasing industry interest in visual artists and commercial brand collaborations has heightened the need for research on exactly how visual art can add meaning to brands in ways…


Artists as cultural icons: the icon myth transfer effect as a heuristic for cultural branding

Joseph L. Scarpaci, Eloise Coupey, Sara Desvernine Reed

Communicating the national values of artists and the role of product benefits as symbols of national values, infuse iconic national brands. This paper aims to validate a…


“Brand play” versus “Brand attack”: the subversion of brand meaning in non-collaborative co-creation by professional artists and consumer activists

Samuel Kristal, Carsten Baumgarth, Jörg Henseler

This paper aims to investigate the ways in which “non-collaborative co-creation” can affect brand equity as perceived by independent observers. It reports a study of the different…

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