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A study of the prevalence of impulsive and compulsive buying among consumers in the apparel and accessories market

Kavita Kshatriya, Priyanka Sharad Shah

This paper aims to examine the presence of impulsive and compulsive buying among consumers. It studies the various factors that affect and moderate the impulsiveness and…


Internet skills as an influencer for adoption of digital innovations in a technologically emerging nation: India

Dorothy Dutta, M.K. Sarma

The advent of technology has enabled frequent innovations in the digital modes of doing business. While some users are reluctant to adopt one, others have made it their way of…


Market valuation and corporate investment in India

K. Dhananjaya

This study aims to examine the impact of stock market valuation on corporate investment. Specifically, it attempts to understand the influence of both the fundamental and…


Experiences of implementing hospital management information system (HMIS) at a tertiary care hospital, India

Lakshya Arora, Feroz Ikbal

Mumbai needs to be transformed into a world-class city as stated in the 2005–2025 development plan of Municipal Corporation. For this initiative, hospital management information…


Role of pro-environmental post-purchase behaviour in green consumer behaviour

Rajyalakshmi Nittala, Venkata Rajasekhar Moturu

The purchase of green products is not the finale of green consumer behaviour but the environmental concern is crucial in post-purchase behaviour. Studies on pro-environmental…


Family-friendly policies, supervisor support and job satisfaction: mediating effect of work-family conflict

Varsha Yadav, Himani Sharma

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of perceived support from family-friendly policies and supervisors on job satisfaction of employees by incorporating…


Something beyond paycheque to boosting employee retention: evidence from a South Indian hospital

M. Bharath

This paper aims to emphasize the need for a strategic approach to employee retention beyond financial benefits. This is directly proportional to employee retention. Bringing out…


Health-care information systems adoption – a review of management practices

Emil Lucian Crisan, Alin Mihaila

The purpose of this paper is to provide practitioners and researchers a more condensed and structured perspective on the adoption of information management systems by the…


Gender diversity and corporate sustainability performance: empirical evidence from India

Ritu Pareek, Tarak Nath Sahu, Arindam Gupta

This study aims to attempt to evaluate and establish the relationship between gender diversity (GD) on the board and corporate sustainability performance.


Monetary policy collision on the performance of banking sector in India

Belavadi Nikhil, Shivakumar Deene

The study aims to identify the impact of monetary policy tools on the performance of banks in India, and this could be an excellent suggestion to the regulators in framing the…


Change in the uses pattern of digital banking services by Indian rural MSMEs during demonetization and Covid-19 pandemic-related restrictions

Shafique Ahmed, Samiran Sur

In the ever fast-changing modern world, through the use of digital banking services (DBS), the old concept of banking in a traditional way has been completely changed. It was made…


Analyzing the cause of human electrical accidents using Swiss Cheese model

Beena Puthillath, Bhasi Marath, Babu Chembakthuparambil Ayappan

This study aims to explore the factors influencing electrical accidents. Here, the authors aim to understand and model the causes of electrical accidents at multiple levels.

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