Information Management & Computer Security: Volume 14 Issue 2


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An empirical study of information security policy on information security elevation in Taiwan

Kwo‐Shing Hong, Yen‐Ping Chi, Louis R. Chao, Jih‐Hsing Tang

With the popularity of e‐commerce, information security is vital to most organizations. For managers, building and implementing an information security policy (ISP) has…

Distributed database damage assessment paradigm

Yanjun Zuo, Brajendra Panda

Damage assessment and recovery play key roles in the process of secure and reliable computer systems development. Post‐attack assessment in a distributed database system…

IT governance, architectural competency, and the Vasa

William C. Brown

Aims to discuss the role of information technology (IT) governance in corporate strategy.

Laws and regulations affecting information management and frameworks for assessing compliance

David Luthy, Karen Forcht

This paper aims to consider a number of key laws and regulations that have implications for information management and internal control systems.

E‐supply chain management: an evaluation of current web initiatives

Sean Lancaster, David C. Yen, Cheng‐Yuan Ku

To provide an overview of E‐supply chain management (E‐SCM) initiatives, focusing on the evolution and technological drivers of moving to the web. This paper also provides…

Practices and problems in managing electronic services using SLAs

Panos Fitsilis

The aim of this paper is to present the key areas of activity to be used for drafting service level agreements (SLAs) for electronic services and, at the same time, to…

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