Information Management & Computer Security: Volume 13 Issue 1


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Information security technologies as a commodity input

Andrew Stewart

The paper provides a pragmatic evaluation of the value that security technologies deliver to businesses. It contains recommendations for how businesses can best view the…

Exploring radio frequency identification technology and its impact on business systems

Alan D. Smith

To provide practitioners of management a sense of the importance of strategically leveraging the current and historic development of radio frequency identification (RFID…

An access control framework for web services

M. Coetzee, J.H.P. Eloff

To define a framework for access control for virtual applications, enabled through web services technologies. The framework supports the loosely coupled manner in which…

A novel approach for regenerating a private key using password, fingerprint and smart card

Fawad Ahmed, M.Y. Siyal

To devise a biometric‐based mechanism for enhancing security of private keys used in cryptographic applications.

Goal directed project management methodology for the support of ERP implementation and optimal adaptation procedure

Kostas Metaxiotis, Ioannis Zafeiropoulos, Konstantina Nikolinakou, John Psarras

To control and reduce the time and the cost of implementation and to achieve optimal adaptation of the processes and structures of the enterprise in an ERP environment.

Maintaining privacy in anomaly‐based intrusion detection systems

A.S. Sodiya, H.O.D. Longe, A.T. Akinwale

The goal of our work is to discuss the fundamental issues of privacy and anomaly‐based intrusion detection systems (IDS) and to design an efficient anomaly‐based intrusion…

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