Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 31 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Hybrid, blended and mixed-mode learning quality: more lessons learned in the COVID pandemic and beyond

Guest Editors: Jeffrey W. Alstete, Heidi Flavian, Krassie Petrova

Tryst with the unknown: navigating an unplanned transition to online examinations

Sabiha Mumtaz, Sanjai K. Parahoo, Namrata Gupta, Heather L. Harvey

This paper aims to investigate the major challenges faced and lessons learned during the unplanned transition to online examinations (OE) at a traditional university following the…

How do students deal with forced digitalisation in teaching and learning? Implications for quality assurance

Philipp Pohlenz, Annika Felix, Sarah Berndt, Markus Seyfried

This paper aims to investigate student subgroups’ responses to the coercive digitalisation of teaching and learning processes during the pandemic. Respective variance is discussed…


A look at student performance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Joseph Cavanaugh, Stephen Jacquemin, Christine Junker

This study aims to use self-reported publicly available student assessment data from the time period when there was an abrupt change in instructional method at the start of…


Identifying factors that impact online teaching effectiveness during COVID-19

Lakshmy Mohandas, Nathalia Sorgenfrei, Lauren Drankoff, Ivan Sanchez, Sandra Furterer, Elizabeth Cudney, Chad Laux, Jiju Antony

This study aims to identify critical online teaching effectiveness factors from instructors’ perspectives and experiences during COVID-19.

Learning during (or despite) COVID-19: business students’ perceptions of online learning

Laura Zizka, Gaby Probst

In March 2020, higher education institutions (HEIs) were obliged to complete the semester online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the semesters that followed, HEIs reopened…

Investigating the teaching practicum during COVID-19 through the lens of preservice teachers

Antonio Giner-Gomis, Raúl González-Fernández, Marcos J. Iglesias-Martínez, Ernesto López-Gómez, Inés Lozano-Cabezas

This paper aims to explore the perceptions of preservice teachers regarding their learning during the teaching practicum (TP) period in the context of the pandemic. Specifically…

Implementation of a blended learning course for adult learners during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ineta Luka

This study aims to evaluate a culture-based blended learning multilingual course created for adult learners in ten languages and the development of learners’ 21st-century skills…

Efficacy of blended interactive educational resources in improving writing skills in a hybrid learning environment

Chinaza Solomon Ironsi

This paper asserts that while educational resources are times effective in teaching students how to write, the format in which they are delivered can influence results. With this…

Exploring factors impacting students’ motivation to learn using face-to-face, online and hybrid learning


This study aims to explore and compare the approach and avoidance factors in motivating students to study using three different learning methods: face-to-face learning, online…


Assuring online assessment quality: the case of unproctored online assessment

Linda Lin, Dennis Foung, Julia Chen

This study aims to examine the impact of the transformation of an assessment on students’ performance and perspectives in an English for Academic Purposes course in Hong Kong. The…

Assessment of student readiness for clinical education in mixed-mode curriculum delivery: a case study

Laura W. White, Kelly Elizabeth Jordan, Heidi McDermott

The purpose of this case study is to describe a simulation-based assessment designed to assure student readiness for a first full-time clinical experience in an entry-level Doctor…

The relationship between student motivation and academic performance: the mediating role of online learning behavior

Xiangju Meng, Zhenfang Hu

This paper aims to use a quantitative approach to explore the role of online learning behavior in students’ academic performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the…


The relationship between social media based teaching and academic performance during COVID-19

Ratan Ghosh, Asia Khatun, Zobaida Khanam

The closure of educational institutions in the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global teaching and learning landscape. Face-to-face classroom activity has been shifted to online…

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