Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 26 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Managing the quality of data collection in large-scale assessments

Guest Editors: Irwin S. Kirsch, William Thorn, Matthias von Davier

Applying the total survey error framework to PIAAC

Lars Lyberg, Kristen Cibelli Hibben, Beth-Ellen Pennell

Surveys in multinational, multiregional and multicultural contexts (or “3MC” surveys) are becoming increasingly important to global and regional decision-making and theory…

The survey response process from a cognitive viewpoint

Roger Tourangeau

This paper aims to examine the cognitive processes involved in answering survey questions. It also briefly discusses how the cognitive viewpoint has been challenged by other…


Interviewer-respondent interaction and rapport in PIAAC

Bryan Maddox

This paper aims to investigate small-scale, qualitative observations of interviewer–respondent interaction in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s…

Understanding and detecting data fabrication in large-scale assessments

Kentaro Yamamoto, Mary Louise Lennon

Fabricated data jeopardize the reliability of large-scale population surveys and reduce the comparability of such efforts by destroying the linkage between data and measurement…

Fabrication of interview data

Jörg Blasius

Evidence from past surveys suggests that some interviewees simplify their responses even in very well-organized and highly respected surveys. This paper aims to demonstrate that…

Interviewer variance and its effects on estimates

Geert Loosveldt, Celine Wuyts, Koen Beullens

In survey methodology, it is well-known that interviewers can have an impact on the registered answers. This paper aims to focus on one type of interviewer effect that arises from…

Detecting and treating errors in tests and surveys

Matthias von Davier

Surveys that include skill measures may suffer from additional sources of error compared to those containing questionnaires alone. Examples are distractions such as noise or…

Paradata and dashboards in PIAAC

Leyla Mohadjer, Brad Edwards

This paper aims to provides a brief review of the dashboard literature, an account of the development of performance dashboards for field data collection at Westat, and more…

Interviewer effects in multicultural, multinational and multiregional surveys

Kristen Cibelli Hibben, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Lesli Scott

At the invitation of the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), this paper aims to examine advances in survey interviewer monitoring and make…

The future of face-to-face interviewing

Michael F. Schober

This paper aims to explore the likelihood that face-to-face (FTF) interviewing will continue to be the “gold standard” survey interviewing method, to which all other modes are…


New data strategies: nonprobability sampling, mobile, big data

Michael Link

Researchers now have more ways than ever before to capture information about groups of interest. In many areas, these are augmenting traditional survey approaches – in others, new…

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