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Quality concerns in Technical Education in India: A quantifiable quality enabled model

Victor Gambhir, N C Wadhwa, Sandeep Grover

The paper aims to discuss current Technical Education scenarios in India. It proposes modelling the factors affecting quality in a technical institute and then applying a suitable…

Teachers’ acceptance of ICT and its integration in the classroom

Hassan Mirzajani, Rosnaini Mahmud, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Su Luan Wong

The purpose of this study is to identify factors that affect teachers’ motivation to use information and communications technology (ICT) in the classroom. The study aims to…


The applicability of course experience questionnaire for a Malaysian university context

Lei Mee Thien, Mei Yean Ong

– The purpose of this study is to examine the applicability of Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) in a Malaysian university context.

Computer access and use: understanding the expectations of Indian rural students

B T Sampath Kumar, M T Basavaraja

This study aims to understand the expectations of rural students with respect to their computer access and use. It also made an attempt to learn the expectations of rural students…

Does higher education service quality effect student satisfaction, image and loyalty?: A study of international students in Malaysian public universities

Faizan Ali, Yuan Zhou, Kashif Hussain, Pradeep Kumar Nair, Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan

– The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of Malaysian public universities’ service quality on international student satisfaction, institutional image and loyalty.


Analysis of challenges for management education in India using total interpretive structural modelling

Ritika Mahajan, Rajat Agrawal, Vinay Sharma, Vinay Nangia

The purpose of this paper is to identify challenges for management education in India and explain their nature, significance and interrelations using total interpretive structural…

Determinants of quality education in private universities from student perspectives: A case study in Bangladesh

Mohammad A. Ashraf, Abu Zafar Rashed Osman, Sarker Rafij Ahmed Ratan

– The purpose of the present study is to identify the determinants that potentially influence quality education in private universities in Bangladesh.


Do prior studies matter?: Predicting proficiencies required to excel academically in law school at Makerere University, Uganda

Betty Nalukenge, Robert Wamala, Bruno Ocaya

Introduction of law school admission examinations has increased the debate regarding the relevance of prior studies for the enrollees in the program. The key issues of contention…

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