Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 22 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Validity, assessment and accountability: contemporary issues in primary, secondary, and higher education

Understanding validity and fairness issues in high-stakes individual testing situations

Jade Caines, Beatrice L. Bridglall, Madhabi Chatterji

This policy brief discusses validity and fairness issues that could arise when test-based information is used for making “high stakes” decisions at an individual level, such as…


Understanding validity issues in test-based models of school and teacher evaluation

Beatrice L. Bridglall, Jade Caines, Madhabi Chatterji

This policy brief, the second AERI-NEPC eBrief in the series “Understanding validity issues around the world”, focuses on validity as it applies to test-based models of evaluation…

Understanding validity issues in international large scale assessments

Meiko Lin, Erin Bumgarner, Madhabi Chatterji

This policy brief, the third in the AERI-NEPC eBrief series “Understanding validity issues around the world”, discusses validity issues surrounding International Large Scale…

Understanding validity issues surrounding test-based accountability measures in the US

Nancy Koh, Vikash Reddy, Madhabi Chatterji

This AERI-NEPC eBrief, the fourth in a series titled “Understanding validity issues around the world”, looks closely at issues surrounding the validity of test-based actions in…


Academic quality management in teacher education: a Singapore perspective

Sylvia Chong

Quality assurance and management is vital for the continuous improvement of the content, delivery and development of teacher education programmes. This paper seeks to explore…


Quality and quality assurance in Chinese private higher education: A multi-dimensional analysis and a proposed framework

Yingxia Cao, Xiaofan Li

The paper aims to establish a quality assurance framework for Chinese private higher education (PHE) in particular and for any newly-established higher education sector in…


Rankings, accreditation, and the international quest for quality: Organizing an approach to value in higher education

Gerardo Blanco-Ramírez, Joseph B. Berger

This paper seeks to analyze the internationalization of quality practices in higher education. In light of insufficient theorization about quality in the global dimension, the…

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