Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 15 Issue 1


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Managing quality improvement of eLearning in a large, campus‐based university

Robert A. Ellis, Nerida Jarkey, Mary Jane Mahony, Mary Peat, Stephen Sheely

This paper seeks to discuss the characteristics that shape a model to manage eLearning in a large, predominantly campus‐based university. It focuses on how such a model can…


Professional doctoral theses by explication as professional management development

Ortrun Zuber‐Skerritt

This paper aims to explain the nature, and identify the quality criteria of a doctoral thesis by explication for professional management development.


Are students customers? TQM and marketing perspectives

Lynne Eagle, Ross Brennan

This paper seeks to evaluate the arguments for and against the proposition that students in higher education are “customers” and should be treated as such.


Assessing quality experience and learning outcomes: Part II: findings and discussion

Maureen Tam

This paper is the second part of a comprehensive report about a research study that aims to assess the relationship between the university experience and student outcomes as a…


Quality management and enhancement processes in UK business schools: a review

Myra Hodgkinson, Mike Kelly

The aim of this paper is to provide insights into the processes that can be and have been adopted by UK business schools as they attempt to meet the Quality Assurance Agency's…


A framework for implementing TQM in higher education programs

Sitalakshmi Venkatraman

This paper aims to provide a TQM framework that stresses continuous improvements in teaching as a plausible means of TQM implementation in higher education programs.

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