Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 14 Issue 1


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Educational development centres: from educational to organisational development?

Anton Havnes, Bjørn Stensaker

The paper aims to investigate the role of educational development centres, and their potential for playing a broader and more central role in quality and organisational…


Measurement of productivity and quality in non‐marketable services: With application to schools

R. Färe, S. Grosskopf, F.R. Forsund, K. Hayes, A. Heshmati

This paper seeks to model and compute productivity, including a measure of quality, of a service which does not have marketable outputs – namely public education at the micro…


A systems approach to program evaluation model for quality in higher education

Fatma Mizikaci

To propose an evaluation model for the quality implementations in higher education through an analysis of quality systems and program evaluation using a systems approach.


Total quality management (TQM) in self‐financed technical institutions: A quality function deployment (QFD) and force field analysis approach

Jitesh Thakkar, S.G. Deshmukh, Anil Shastree

To explore the potential for adoption of TQM in self‐financed technical institutions in the light of new demands and challenges posed by customers/students and society.


Assessing quality experience and learning outcomes: Part I: instrument and analysis

Maureen Tam

This paper is the first part of a comprehensive report about a research study that aims to assess the relationship between the university experience and student outcomes as a…

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