Quality Assurance in Education: Volume 12 Issue 1


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Performance indicators in online distance learning courses: a study of management education

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Nicholas J. Beutell

Examines student performance indicators in online distance learning courses offered on the Internet at a mid‐sized private college in the USA. A sample of 74 undergraduate and 147…


E‐learning challenges in the Arab world: revelations from a case study profile

Kamal Abouchedid, George M. Eid

The overwhelming traditional knowledge delivery system for higher education in the Arab world demonstrates the pronounced information technology (IT) gap between Arab countries…


“Off‐campus support” in distance learning – how do our students define quality?

Alison Smith

The nature of quality teaching and learning in higher education has been subject to ongoing research and debate. In distance learning programmes, “teaching” comprises several…


Importance‐performance analysis: a useful tool for directing continuous quality improvement in higher education

Martin A. O’Neill, Adrian Palmer

This paper addresses the issue of service quality evaluation within the higher education sector and stresses the need to develop measures that are both psychometrically and…

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