Training for Quality: Volume 5 Issue 2


Table of contents

Designing effective employee training programmes

Aaron W. Hughey, Kenneth J. Mussnug

Describes the elements of a successful employee training programme. Explains the distinction between training and education, along with a discussion of why “soft skills” training…



This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/00251749510087614. When citing the…


Family Internet

Philip W. Bowen

Highlights the need to improve organizational communication and training. Discusses the need for organizations to develop staff values and objectives before considering the role…


Using empowerment to turn employees into entrepreneurs ‐ an internalization too far?

Steve Minett, Steve Ellis

Argues that empowerment programmes aim at inducing “entrepreneurial” behaviours and attitudes in employees, and that this aim ignores a fundamental internal inconsistency…


En route to TQM: organizational learning through quality circles

Frances M. Hill

Explains why companies wishing to make the transition to TQM must address the issue of organizational learning. Also provides some evidence that quality circles (QC) can…


Growing a learning culture: new thinking in an old industry

Ray W. Wells

In an age when everything is moving at a faster pace and change has become the order of the day, companies large and small have to be more alert to the opportunities and threats…




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