Librarian Career Development: Volume 2 Issue 4


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CPD: Professional Development – Continuing and Compulsory?

Patrick Noon

Continuing professional development is one of the major attributes thatdefines professional status. The LA′s new Framework for CPD provides aninnovative and useful tool to help…


Professional Development in an Industrial Library: : Some Personal Observations

Susan Cameron

The organizational context in which an industrial information unitoperates is important. If a company does not have a formal structure inplace for continuing professional…


CPD: From the Other Side of the Door

Pat Heynes

Examines the problems of pursuing continuing professional development asperceived both by library assistants and their management. Based ondiscussion, with library assistants…


Continuing Professional Development – Easier Said than Done?

Dawn Birkinshaw

Gives a personal viewpoint of the LA′s CPD scheme. The PersonalProfile can prove to be a useful tool for career planning andevaluation. Despite this, it appears to be lacking in…


The Role of LIS Schools and Departments in Continuing Professional Development

Judith Elkin

Analyses how the departments and schools of library and informationstudies (LIS) in the UK might contribute to continuing professionaldevelopment (CPD). Looks at the diversity of…


S/NVQs and Professional Qualifications in Library and Information Services

Colin T. Harrison

Looks at the development of the competence movement and its progressioninto the concept of vocational qualifications in the library andinformation sector. The chief thrust is to…


S/NVQs and Higher Education in Librarianship and Information Studies

Ian M. Johnson

British employers have welcomed the development of National VocationalQualifications and Scottish Vocational Qualifications. Aims to examinethe implications of S/NVQs for the…


Higher‐level NVQs: Cause for Concern?

Judith Elkin

Highlights the author′s concern for the way in which higher levelNVQs are being standardized without any apparent thought for theirpracticality at this level. Believes that…


Unravelling the NVQ Maze: : Implications for Staffing and Services

Marigold Cleeve

Identifies some of the strategic planning implications of introducing anNVQ programme into an academic library Questions what the Fielden Reportreally means in the comments on NVQ…




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