Disaster Prevention and Management: Volume 28 Issue 1


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Table of contents - Special Issue: Disaster prevention - Doing it differently by rethinking the nature of knowledge and learning

Guest Editors: John Norton, Terry David Gibson

Views from the Frontline and Frontline methodology: critical reflection on theory and practice

Terry David Gibson, Nigel Scott

The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed account of the “Views from the Frontline” and “Frontline” methodologies, which underpinned the case studies presented in this…

Developing the CSO case studies

John Norton, Terry David Gibson

The purpose of this paper is to outline the iterative process which led to the production of the case studies prepared by Civil Society Organisations which are at the core of this…

Traditional Kiribati beliefs about environmental issues and its impacts on rural and urban communities

Ruiti Aretaake

The purpose of this paper is to report how the encouragement of collaboration between local stakeholders, communities and the government helps slow the great impact of disaster…

Advancing small island resilience and inclusive development through a convergence strategy in Carles, Philippines

Jesusa Grace Molina

Various natural, socio-cultural and economic risks confront the people of Gigantes Islands in the municipality of Carles. The islands’ exposure to these hazards has aggravated…

Waiting for politics at the mercy of river: case study of an enduring community

Sarwar Bari

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the power of protest in quasi-democratic politics and feudal societies; consider deep-rooted impacts of illiteracy, inequality…

Social and economic inequality limits disaster prevention amongst the most vulnerable in Vietnam

Guillaume Chantry, John Norton

Vietnam is historically hit by extensive disasters. However, the most vulnerable populations are far from being backed by national/local programmes to reduce disaster impacts on…

Tackling everyday risks through climate adaptive organic farming

Hepi Rahmawati, Anastasia Maylinda Titi Lestari

With the shifting patterns of rain and dry periods as a result of global climate change, the people of Gunungkidul have to deal with extreme conditions, such as crop failure…

Citizens of Delhi lead resilience action

Manu Gupta, Parag Talankar, Shivangi Chavda

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate practical approaches to addressing issues of risk reduction and disaster prevention in urban areas. In addition to exposure to natural…

Enhancing resilience against floods in the Lower Motowoh community, Limbe, Southwest Cameroon

Gaston Buh Wung, Festus Tongwa Aka

Floods and landslide threats were addressed under the Frontline process in the city of Limbe, Southwestern Cameroon. The purpose of this paper is to present actions undertaken…

Enhancing earthquake resilience of communities: an action by women’s groups in Nepal

Nisha Shrestha, Surya Narayan Shrestha, Bhubaneswari Parajuli, Amod Mani Dixit, Bijay Krishna Upadhyay, Om Kala Khanal, Khadga Sen Oli

Nepal is exposed to frequent earthquakes. There is a felt need for promoting disaster risk reduction action at community level, promoting existing community cohesion for use in…

Drawing the case studies together: synthesis of case studies and group discussions

Terry David Gibson, Aka Festus Tongwa, Sarwar Bari, Guillaume Chantry, Manu Gupta, Jesusa Grace Molina, Nisha Shresha, John Norton, Bhubaneswari Parajuli, Hepi Rahmawati, Ruiti Aretaake

The purpose of this paper is to individually examine the findings from eight case studies presented in this special issue and comparatively identify the findings regarding local…

Making communities disaster resilient: Challenges and prospects for community engagement in Nepal

Chandra Lal Pandey

Understanding bottom-up approaches including local coping mechanisms, recognizing them and strengthening community capacities is important in the process of disaster risk…


Local responses to disasters: recent lessons from zero-order responders

Fernando Briones, Ryan Vachon, Michael Glantz

The purpose of this paper is to define and discuss the concept of zero-order responders (ZOR). It explores the potential lessons and the additive value that assimilation of…

Local voices and action: concluding discussion

Terry David Gibson, Festus Tongwa Aka, Ruiti Aretaake, Sarwar Bari, Guillaume Chantry, Manu Gupta, Jesusa Grace Molina, John Norton, Bhubaneswari Parajuli, Hepi Rahmawati, Nisha Shresha

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the findings from the body of case studies offered in the issue, combined with three external perspectives on local voices and action.

The power of localism during the long-term disaster recovery process

Victor Marchezini

The purpose of this paper is to analyze some barriers and the “drivers of localism” during the long-term disaster recovery process. The main question is: what types of discourses…

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